The Difference: Computer Science vs. Information Technology

At the most basic level, Computer Science is a “Hard” Science, well grounded in what is now known in the field of Mathematics as Information Theory. Computer Science (as a field) is concerned with developing new ideas around the use and design of computing systems, and with the mathematical concepts of computation and information.

Information Technology, on the other hand, is a practical Engineering discipline, concerned with implementing solutions to practical problems using current-day technology.

CS Degree Focus

  • A computer science degree focuses primarily on programming with an emphasis on the foundations of computers rather than software and hardware applications.

IT Degree Focus

  • An information technology degree focuses on application integration, analysis and management. This degree has a greater focus on communication and business.


CS Degree Jobs

  • A computer science degree is used to obtain jobs such as software engineer, research and development, interface designer and web development.

IT Degree Jobs

  • An information technology degree is used to obtain jobs such as network manager, web development, messaging administrator, web analyst, business analyst, project manager and technical analyst.

_The Future_

                          Future job prospects for both degree fields are accelerating at a faster than average pace thanks to the constant demand for new and more advanced technology. Because of the quick change in the field of computers, continuing education is important.



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